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Getting your CBD-sceptic family onside

CBD is often misunderstood. Whether because of the cannabis associations, or because of the sudden uproar the view that it is ‘just another’ superfood.

It can be frustrating when you are open to seeing what it has to offer and have maybe just started to get into the flow with it but someone in your circle of family or friends are sceptical and seem to want to fight you on it.

At beleaf, we have all been there. Especially in the early days! Here are some tips from our CBD Educators on how they would approach the conversation when someone close to you, who you would really appreciate the support of, is coming up with objections.


Myth bust the roots

The most common objection to CBD is the assumption that you have started consuming marijuana and are going to become a ‘stoner.’

Harry advises to do a little research on the difference between hemp (where CBD derives) and marijuana.

Hemp has been around for thousands of years, used for clothes, building materials, ancient medicines and is an ingredient that can be found in products in most kitchen or bathroom cupboards. Harry’s favourite hemp facts is that ‘when journeying to America Christopher Columbus’s boat used hemp sails and rigging.’ Suddenly hemp seems a lot less threatening.


Stay natural

Bryony says to ‘think of CBD as you would other nutrient supplements - it’s completely natural and can provide potent wellness outcomes.’ Being able to make it relatable is an important pathway to understanding, and the majority of people take or have taken supplements in some form.

Olivia adds the importance of educating them that ‘it is a non-addictive botanical extract. Along with many other benefits, it is a neuroprotectant that is not only non-addictive, it actually protects your brain as you age.’


It is personal

David says: ‘A general sceptic is so hard to address because it normally starts with a personal reason. No one says I'm dubious per se. They normally are concerned about an outcome: laziness, fatigue, productivity, inability to drive or operate heavy machinery, addiction etc.’

Ask what exactly they are concerned about, and if you don’t have the answer encourage that you look it up together as a way to normalise and break down the barriers with the conversation. Our FAQs section on our website is an easy place to start.


Stay in your lane

Overall, remember to be confident in what you believe and stay true to yourself. Not everyone can be on the same page so if you are getting nowhere, ask that they respect your choices and leave it at that. Hopefully in time they will see the improvements you are feeling and will soon be asking what the secret is behind your transformation.