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How to look after your CBD oil and make it last!

CBD is a natural product and we don't believe in adding unnecessary synthetic extras where they are not needed. However, we do believe in ensuring you get the most out of your CBD and in looking after and storing it properly you will protect it's properties and not only reap more benefits but make it last longer!

Here's how we advise to look after your products.


Shades on

For maximum freshness and to keep the CBD from degrading store your oil out of direct sunlight.

  • Avoid putting it on the windowsill or area where the sun can reach it.
  • Try not to leave it in your car, as the sun can beam through and heat it up (even in the winter!)

No to extremes

It is advised to store your CBD oil at room temperate.

  • Don’t keep it near the or oven or a radiator, as it could heat up the oil, effecting the CBD properties.
  • It is not necessary to put it in the fridge, the low temperature is more likely to damage the oil than protect its properties.

Clean up

Whether you use a spray, tincture or topical, contaminating the product can reduce the shelf life of your CBD.

  • Be mindful to use clean hands when applying topicals or use a clean wooden spatula or applicator.
  • When dropping the oil under the tongue, make sure the dropper doesn’t touch the tongue, keep it hovered above. A great technique for hand-eye co-ordination practice!


Air tight

This may seem obvious but ensure the lid is tightly sealed after each use. You want to avoid the possibility of moisture getting mixed in with your CBD as this can reduce its shelf life.

Each time you open the product it comes into contact with the air and it naturally will start the oxidisation process. This is nothing to be concerned about but the less it comes into contact with oxygen, the longer it will last.


With twice daily use, 10ml bottles of CBD oil generally last our customers around one month although the shelf life is much longer than this. Ensure to check the date and usage instructions on the packaging for individual products.