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In Conversation with: Dom Day - Fourfive CBD

Dom Day has been a professional rugby player for 14 years. He played in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and has 250+ top flight games to his name. Dom is now retired from professional rugby and is enjoying running Fourfive CBD full-time.

We caught up with him to find out more about his company and how CBD is helping the sporting community.

What led you to CBD initially and then on to create Fourfive?

I was searching for natural alternatives to help me with my injuries towards the end of my career. I heard about CBD products and thought I should give it a go as it had just been removed from WADA's prohibited substance list. After taking CBD for a while and doing research into the industry, I noticed there was a massive need for safe and transparent CBD products.


How are you going about educating the rugby community about CBD use vs the alternatives? And how are they responding?

Due to the restrictions on what we can tell others about the benefits of CBD, we have heavily relied on our contacts within rugby to test our products and help us spread the word. We have had an awesome response from all sportsman and sportswomen in many sports, and we now have over 400 professional athletes using our products from our professional range.


Why do you think CBD is a game changer in sports recovery compared to other methods?

I believe that the world of sport is desperate for more natural alternatives to be advised to us, instead of the pharmaceutical drugs that we are given as athletes.


What products do you use in your own routine?

I use our 1000mg oil twice a day (morning and night) and our joint gel with my struggling knees when they giving me problems.


What are your aims for the future of Fourfive?

We have recently launched a new brand, fourfive nutrition, which is a testament to our mission and dedication of supplying high quality wellness products for both professional athletes and the everyday active and health conscious community to use. 


Have you personally felt any additional benefits from CBD other than the sports recovery aspect?

I must be careful what I say but since retiring from rugby just over a year ago, I have noticed it to help me deal with the business and family life too. I can feel when I have not taken CBD in a while and it is now key to my everyday routine.  


What advice would you give to help our customers stick to a regular exercise routine?  

Its especially difficult at the moment not being able to have a training partner. I have found it helpful to sign up to online classes to give myself some structure and it forces me to get it done. 


What fitness goals are you working on in 2021?

I want to make sure that I maintain my fitness levels, but something that has been highlighted after 2020 is how important my mental health is and I want to ensure that I stay on top of it.