Introducing: Nooro - Origin'40

Introducing: Nooro

Introducing: Nooro

We are thrilled to have a new brand at beleaf: Nooro. We caught up with team to get to know them a little better. Here's what they had to say...


Who are Nooro? Nooro is a nootropics and CBD snack bar - bringing flow and focus to everyday snacking moments.

What does CBD mean to you? We have only just scratched the surface of CBD capabilities since it popped up on shelves everywhere. CBD has immense potential to reduce everyday challenges to focus, balance the mood and create the optimum environment for that perfect state of flow - a space for brilliant ideas and eureka moments. We believe CBD can help you think better.

Where does it fit? Each Nooro flavour has been created to enhance a particular flow state. Our combination of Nootropics and CBD quantity (25mg) is identical across each bar, but our choice of ingredients could enhance calm - or that‚ 'get up and go spark in the morning’ feeling. You can snack on Nooro any time you need a little help falling into your flow state, or if you’re just feeling peckish.

Top tip for 2021: Breathe deeply and dream big.

Currently obsessed with: Pirates - we started reading “be more pirate” by Sam Conniff Allende (founder of Don’t Panic) over Christmas and loved it. Pirates are the original trailblazers, and actually ahead of their time in their dedication to equal pay, health insurance for crew members and complete democracy. To quote Steve Jobs “I’d rather be a pirate than join the navy”. That’s a motto we live by. Break the rules if they need breaking, treat others fairly, and live & breathe your life’s mission.