Maintaining diary balance and avoiding social overwhelm

Maintaining diary balance and avoiding social overwhelm

We've put together a few tips and tricks that we are trying to adopt to protect ourselves from complete social overwhelm, now that things are opening up again. We hope they help you too...


1) You don't have to say YES to everything.
#YOLO #sleepwhenyourdead. We're having none of that, know what makes you happy and forget the rest. 

2) You certainly don't have to say YES to everything straight away.
"That sounds lovely, let me think about it and get back to you." It is polite, direct and gives you breathing space to weigh up your calendar before committing.

3) Add an end time, and stick to it
'Quit while your ahead' is a phrase to get to grips with. Instead of staying right to the end and squeezing the last dregs of energy out of yourself and those your with, simply stay for an hour or two and make a swift exit. You'll certainly thank yourself the next day.

4) Allocate rest days
Much like with the gym, rest days are as important and beneficial as active days. Plan ahead and block out time in your calendar to catch up on Netflix, read a book, or just to sit in a quiet room not talking to anyone!