New CBD Coffee Bar at Origin40 Chiswick

New CBD Coffee Bar at Origin40 Chiswick

"It’s Coffee but not as you know it!"

We’re so excited to announce the opening of our new CBD Coffee Bar!

Our Chiswick store now features our first ever CBD Coffee Bar in store, giving even more great CBD choices to our customers! 

We’ve been mastering the art of making amazing coffee, with our partners Cannacoffee, getting the perfect Arabica blend infused with a plentiful dose of CBD.

We offer a full range of CBD infused coffees and teas, as well as fresh juices and tasty snacks, for you to enjoy in store. We wanted to give our customers an even more welcoming environment. 

Why CBD Coffee?

The addition of CBD in coffee can alleviate some of the negative symptoms of caffeine, such as jitters, whilst still providing the same energy kick of a usual cup of coffee. When combined Coffee and CBD can also help to boost your mood and keep anxiety levels at bay.

We are proudly serving CANNACOFFEE, Award-winning Organic certified precision Infused Single Origin 100% Arabica from Brazil. The Coffee is Sweet, smooth and nutty with notes of chocolate, and all the benefits of CBD. It’s Coffee but not as you know it!

Try coffee the Origin’40 way – the perfect way to get your morning lift without the jitters and nasties that come from caffeine. We can’t wait to welcome you in store.