We love Cannacoffee, the UK’s award-winning CBD infused coffee from The Hashtag Company.

Cannacoffee is 100% organic, providing the perfect balance of your morning caffeine kick with an added dose of mental calmness

We love Cannacoffee’s organic and award-winning credentials, and with 200mg of CBD per bag, Cannacoffee is the best value for money CBD coffee on the market.

Cannacoffee note that their product is no ordinary coffee – its “all about the plant” from seed to stalk and leaf. Cannacoffee CBD coffee is made from 100% sustainable ingredients and packaging, and Cannacoffee is committed to working with organisations that are committed to making a better impact on the environment.

With values like these, and a great tasting coffee, Cannacoffee CBD is the perfect coffee partner for us at Origin’40. We’ve reviewed hundreds of coffees and can guarantee you; this is our favourite!

 The team says:

Cannacoffee CBD Coffee is our favourite coffee, of all the many we’ve tasted! Infusing CBD into coffee isn’t easy, but this is the perfect blend of caffeine kick and mental tranquility – perfect if you have a busy or stressful day! Cannacoffee shares our values too; so we’re proud to support them!

 At Origin’40 we love Cannacoffee because:

  • It’s the best CBD coffee on the market; a pick me up with added mental calmness
  • It’s great for our environment – 100% sustainable, organic and committed to environmental values
  • It tastes great – single origin 100% Brazilian arabica
  • It makes the perfect gift for any caffeine lover
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