Cannaray is one of the UK’s leading CBD brands, renowned for bringing some of the highest quality products to the market.

We love Cannaray’s extensive range of CBD oils and balms, providing a full range of CBD products suitable for improving skincare, general wellbeing, and improving sleep and reducing anxiety.

Cannaray is on a mission to demystify what CBD does, how it works, and describe themselves as "The Gold Standard". The gold emblem is shown on all Cannaray CBD products, a mark of quality, investment and innovation in the CBD sector.

Cannaray is backed by an impressive team of medics and doctors, guaranteeing that  every oil, capsule, balm or cream they create gets the stamp of approval from authoritative medical professionals.

Cannaray capsules, oils and balms use a multi-patented technology to increase the bioavailability of CBD. This technology, called VESIsorb, means that Cannaray products have increased absorption (by an average of 5x) compared to other CBD products on the market.

Put simply, this means that with Cannaray CBD products, you get the strength you pay for, with higher adoption into the body. Every drop is worth more!

Cannaray’s most popular products ranged with us include CBD Oral Drops, in various strengths, CBD muscle balms for the relief of aches and pains caused by both arthritis and sports injuries, and CBD capsules for daily wellbeing.

The team says:

Cannaray is one of our favourite brands because they’ve really invested in technology and science to increase the efficacy of their CBD. Cannaray oils and drops, and capsules, in particular, are great for everyday wellbeing, improving sleep and making us generally feel better.

Cannaray’s Gold Standard really helps customers know that they’re getting a quality CBD product, and we love recommending Cannaray CBD to consumers who want to be very certain of the absorption rate of CBD into their systems


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