Cannasa is our only CBD soft drink here at Origin’40.

Cannasa is a natural refreshment made with all natural ingredients and botanicals that complement the workings of CBD. Cannasa helps you rebalance during or at the end of the day with whatever you may be engaged with.

100% hemp grown, with broad spectrum CBD and an amazing taste, Cannasa is the perfect refreshment at any time of the day.

Cannasa is also multi award winning, including picking up the Best New Drink Product of the Year award at the 2019 Food Matters Live Awards.

Cannasa is 100% British made, and comes in two delicious flavours.

With edible CBD products on the rise in the UK, Cannasa stands out as the premium botanical drink on the market.

Cannasa was founded by Matthew Pygott and Gregor Pecnik, sustainability consultants who wanted to create great tasting and amazing looking hemp drinks that people can use in social occasions and use it instead of oils or vapes.

Matt and Gregor both led active lifestyles and were conscious about what they consumed to support their wellbeing. The pair decided to bring hemp to the mainstream in the form of delicious functional drinks, so that more consumers than ever before could experience its fantastic benefits.

The team says:

Cannasa is one of our best selling CBD edible products, and its no surprise! Sold in two flavours, Cannasa Rose & Raspberry and Cannasa Peach & Jasmine, they’re blooming delicious, especially on a spring / summer day!

Cannasa drinks are gently infused with CBD, so you feel the calm and relaxation without any effect on the taste. They’re refreshing and tasty!

Cannasa are also the first drinks brand in the UK to use an encapsulated CBD, so you don’t get a hemp-type aftertaste!

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