The Holistik range is our only soluble CBD brand, perfect for getting your daily fix of CBD in drink form. Having been featured in Forbes, Men’s Health, and Brobible amongst others, Holistik wellness CBD sticks have natural, functional ingredients that help you to live and feel your best.

At Origin’40, we’re proud to work with a pioneering US based CBD brand. Holistik’s CBD is grown in their own bio dynamic green houses in Buffalo, NY. The farm is built in line with Holistik and Origin’40’s mission of sustainability and sets a precedent in environmental standards. The facility boasts a completely temperature-controlled ecosystem, where plants never touch soil or the outside air. The greenhouse is entirely powered by a natural gas engine, capturing the output and producing clean CO2 to the plants. Most importantly, the greenhouse uses 95% recycled water; 95% less water than field grown hemp. After harvesting, only the finest hemp buds containing the most CBD are sent to be processed.

We carry a full range of Holistik STIK’s at our Origin’40 stores, including those focused on Beauty, Wellness and Digestive improvement.

The team says

The Origin’40 team can often be found enjoying a Holistik on their break; they’re super easy and convenient to use and can help you get your water levels up too for great hydration.

Not only are the Holistik CBD sticks delicious, they make a really noticeable impact. Our favourite is the digestive Holistik CBD stick, which is the only product in our range at Origin’40 specifically formulated to help with this

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