The Kanaco range of CBD tinctures is our best selling CBD tincture here at Origin’40, and it's easy to see why. We’ve worked with the team at Kanaco since the beginning of our CBD journey, and we highly recommend Kanaco as the best CBD oral tincture on the market.

Kanaco was founded in 2017 – quite early in the UK CBD movement! – and has developed a superior range of products based on patented extraction methods. Producing Kanaco’s quality CBD oils starts with high CBD, low THC, terpene-rich plant genetics. The seeds are planted and grown under the Colorado sun using organic farming practices. Kanaco use the latest supercritical CO2 extraction technology to preserve minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBDA & CBC), terpenes and flavonoids.

The result is an impressive range of high absorption, enjoyable CBD oral tinctures and capsules, that we love having as a central part of the Origin’40 range. Infused gently wihrt peppermint and olive oil for a smooth ingesting experience, Kanaco CBD comes in a range of strengths at Origin’40 to suit every need.

Kanaco pride themselves on their main CBD values when producing products, including: Superior Absorption - using nanoemulsion technology to increase absorption into the human body. This maximises the benefit potential of CBD. 

Being organically farmed- No industrial fertilisers or chemicals are used when growing Kanaco’s CBD-rich hemp.

Lab Tested – Kanaco oil is tested for purity and heavy metals in a lab for your peace of mind.

GMP Certified - Kanaco products are made in pharmaceutical grade facility.

Broad Spectrum Whole Plant Extract |- Kanaco CBD is extracted carefully to preserve minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Non-GMO - All Kanaco products are made using non-gmo ingredients.

The team says:

We’ve noticed in Origin’40 that Kanaco CBD is the most frequently re-purchased product we sell; customers who try it love it, and really do stick with it!

Certainly amongst our team, Kanaco is our CBD oil tincture of choice.

We love that Kanaco comes in handy 10ml bottles with a really nice peppermint flavour – perfect for sitting on the night stand and using just before bed!

We’ve all had some great nights’ sleep after using our Kanaco CBD!

Kanaco is definitely a customer favourite and we’re proud to have the full range in stock at Origin’40 for our customers to try!

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