Love Hemp

Love Hemp is now the UK’s largest supplier of CBD products, with products ranged in high street retailers including Boots and Holland & Barratt. At Origin’40, its rare for us to stock products from larger, lab grown organisations – but Love Hemp is definitely worth the exception!

Love Hemp and Origin’40 have worked together for a number of years now to help Love Hemp CBD improve, develop, innovate and evolve their CBD products to be even better, offering direct customer feedback through our stores.

Love Hemp CBD offers a full range of CBD oils and tinctures, the only range of CBD atomiser sprays that we carry at Origin’40, and a delicious range of edible products.

Love Hemp founders (and old school friends) Tony Calamita and Tom Rowland began their journey with CBD when Tom’s father, also called Tom, turned to natural products and health supplements during his battle with cancer. It was here that the pioneering duo saw CBD’s potential. Unhappy with the slapdash standards of the industry, they established Love Hemp – the high quality, perfectly pure CBD brand.

As one of the largest CBD brands, Love Hemp invests in innovation but also product authority – with double testing, 100% lab grown CBD and 100% traceability; so customers know exactly what they’re getting!

The team says

Love Hemp has one of the biggest ranges on the market, and we love working with them at Origin’40. Because we interact with customers face to face to educate them about CBD, much of Love Hemp’s product development and innovation has come from feedback from Origin’40 customers, and that’s so great to see!

Love Hemp rebranded last year and we think the new look and feel of the product is amazing! It's also helpful for customers to have CBD rated as ‘strong’ medium and low so they know what the right dosage is for them. The Love Hemp Chocolate Balls are definitely a team favourite as well!

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Love Hemp CBD products can be combined with any other purchases to qualify for 10% off when you buy 3 or more products – just add ORIGIN310 at checkout