Mr Moxey's

Mr Moxey’s joined the Origin’40 range recently with an impressive range of CBD infused mints. Delectable, portable, and discreet. Mr. Moxey’s Mints are handcrafted in small batches the old-fashioned way to promote well-being in mind and body. Each artisan mint is formulated with complimentary herbal allies tailored to elevate the CBD experience.

Infused with relevant herbs and botanicals, as well as CBD, Mr Moxey’s Mints come formulated in packs designed to promote Calm, Relief, or Dream.

The team at Mr Moxey’s CBD noticed that the most common way to absorb CBD is through tinctures. They thought that was all a bit medicinal! So Mr Moxey’s created delicious and minty mints to help get CBD into the body a more pleasant way!

Mr Moxey's Mints are vegan and gluten-free. True to the all-natural loving Pacific Northwest, we start with ethically sourced, pesticide-free, organic hemp and only the best all-natural and organic ingredients, sharing the values we have at Origin’40 too!

With more blends planned for the future, we’re delighted to stock the full current range of Mr Moxey’s in store.

The team says

We’ve found that Mr Moxey’s mints are a brilliant way of demystifying CBD for lots of our curious customers. Lots of people get put off by the idea of a hemp taste to CBD, or by having something quite medical like a dropper involved.

Mr Moxey’s are delicious and minty, and come in such cool packaging! Its been great seeing our customers keep them in their handbags or rucksacks, and taking CBD more regularly throughout the day!

You’ll quite often find one of us eating one in store – makes our breath much nicer for talking to you as well!

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