We’ve worked with Sophie and Alex, the team behind PASO, for many years now. Alex and Sophie founded PASO with a simple vision in mind – to develop a range of plant based products to help with relaxing during or after a stressful day and getting a good night’s sleep.

That’s culminated in some of the most delicious edible CBD products on the market that we range at Origin’40. Including chocolate and gummies.

A little bit of luxury can go a long way to take the edge off a hard day, and the PASO team have harnessed the soothing, anti-anxiety powers of CBD, infused them into delicious treats, and created some of our most popular products at Origin’40.

PASO’s motto is “sit back and relax” and we actively encourage that at Origin’40!

CBD edibles have been one of the most effective ways of getting some of our customers to start their CBD journey, so the next time you're in an Origin’40 store or on our website, treat yourself to some relaxing and decadent PASO treats!

The Team Says

PASO products are not only delicious, they’re the perfect gifts, whether that be gummies (in delicious flavours including Apple, Raspberry and Pineapple!) or Milk CBD chocolate or Dark CBD chocolate!

We know lots of our customers have bought some PASO products from Origin’40 to share with their CBD sceptical friends – PASO really is the perfect way of incorporating CBD into the life of someone who isn’t quire sure yet!

Affordable, delicious and with a big hit of CBD – PASO is a definite favourite of ours!

Earn Origin’40 points on all your PASO CBD purchases, giving you discounts on all Origin’40 purchases with us
PASO CBD products can be combined with any other purchases to qualify for 10% off when you buy 3 or more products – just add ORIGIN310 at checkout