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Kaneh Hair & Body Soap

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Full Spectrum CBD oil 15% Hair and body soap, blended oils together with CBD makes this multi-purpose soap ideal for the hair and body. The skin and hair will be left super soft. It is not necessary to apply body lotion as a fine veil of oil Is left on the skin.

Directions For Use:

Lather a generous amount of the soap and massage gently all over the body and hair. Rinse off thoroughly.


Extra Virgin Bio Hemp Oil, Flax Oil, Safflower Oil, Castor Oil, 15% CBD oil, Natural Sodium Hydroxide Marigold Extract, Essential Oil of Lavender and Mint, Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed)

Top Tip:

Kaneh hair & body soap is one to add to your holiday packing list, no need to take shampoo, conditioner, shower gel or moisturiser with our 4 in 1 soap.